Bishop Jerry L. Maynard is a man whose faithful life of service resembles that of Abraham. God blesses us with the intention that we will share those blessings with others around us. In Genesis 12, Abraham was obedient to God’s Word and became a blessing to people throughout the Earth.

After 25 years of pouring into the Nashville community, Bishop Maynard has remained committed to sharing his blessing with many people through educational, social, and economic resources. He has rewarded students with over $25,000 in annual scholarships, benefiting members and other children in the community, helped many families experiencing clothing and transportation limitations by emptying out his personal closet, at times, and donating at least 29 vehicles to individual families.

Another avenue that Bishop Maynard has supported in the Nashville community is economic development. He has advocated for the startup of 80+ companies, was instrumental in the expansion of the entrepreneur’s lab and helped local churches maintain their buildings.

Bishop Maynard is truly a testament that God honors the seeds we plant and He rewards acts of love no matter how big or small.

Supporting Bishop Maynard’s continued legacy enables blessings to continue to be shared. As Christians the greatest blessing of all is faith, hope, love, and grace. Genesis 12:2-3 explains that as Christians, we have been blessed to go on to bless others.




If Bishop has been a blessing to you, be a blessing to him. If you have been inspired to be a blessing, be a blessing to the person that blesses you.