Bishop Jerry L. Maynard

Are you growing as a Christian?  If your answer involves how many years you have attended your church, then you haven’t matured at all.  One of the greatest fallacies within the Body of Christ is the idea that longevity equates to maturity.  With Christian Maturity, Maynard takes a no holds barred approach to addressing this issue of maturation with the Church.  He challenges leaders and followers to “put away childish things” and become the sons and daughters God has empowered us to be.

Christian Maturity is a small, yet powerful summation of Maynard’s 50 years of experience in building the Body of Christ as a pastor and apostle. This book will challenge your habits and current beliefs.

Bishop Jerry L. Maynard is a pastor, teacher, scholar and visionary.  Maynard is Pastor of the Cathedral of Praise Church in Nashville, TN.  In 2000, he was appointed to be the Bishop of the Church of God in Christ of the Tennessee 4th Jurisdiction.


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